Youth Health Education provides professional development and education regarding youth health issues by way of private consultation or group presentations. Natasha's valued clients include teachers, sporting clubs, social welfare service providers, families, parents and individuals.


  • PATS - Paying Attention to Self

PATS - Paying Attention to Self is a peer support group for young people aged 12 – 18 years who have a parent and/or sibling with a mental health issue.

  • CHAMPS Peer Support Program

For children aged 8 - 12 years who have a parent and/or Sibling with mental health issues, including children who do not live with their parents.

The PATS & CHAMPS program:

Both programs are a structured 8-10 week program  held during the school term at various venues. The aim of these programs are to provide age appropriate information and support about mental illness, to develop mental health literacy, increase positive self-help seeking behaviours, provide opportunities to meet other children/youth who may be in the same situation and to learn about healthy coping strategies through worksheets and fun activities. 

For Parents:

The Parents Group has a peer support focus, in order for parents to be able to share experiences and safely explore strategies that may reduce parenting stress and increase self-confidence. The group program includes guest speakers who address topics of interest for the parents; this includes a consumer who is a parent themselves. 

  • facilitates discussion about mental illness and the impact on families using formats that are accessible to children

  • reduces isolation through peer support

  • provides opportunities to engage parents and carers

  • promotes parent/child communication about the parent’s mental illness and associated behaviours

  • promotes healthy coping strategies for children and young people

  • provides opportunities for respite for children and young people

  • provides opportunities for positive role modelling through the adult and peer leaders

  • encourages longer term interactions between participants through the exchange of contact details

  • promotes the use of localised community supports for families

  • builds on a child’s strengths and promote resilience by bolstering protective factors.

Health professionals who are working with families where a parent has mental illness, can refer to the CHAMPS and PATS programs. However as the CHAMPS and PATS programs are restricted by time spent, it is advised that the referrer put the family in touch with ongoing support before and after the program.


Consultation on any of the provided topics is available for individuals,  sporting clubs or schools. Clients specify the issue/s they would like to tackle and consulting includes evaluation of current policy, organisational environment (physical and emotional), current practices, aims, mission statements, values, attitudes, behaviours, discourse, myths and stereotypes.  These services also includes a whole community approach by evaluating the roles of all participants within the organisation, including youth, teaching or coaching staff, management, parents, carers, sponsors and guests.


A lecture style format with interactive question and activity sessions for participants. Presentations include current youth health information, research, statistics, prevention and intervention models, risk and protective factors, discourse, myths and stereotypes that influence positive and negative youth health outcomes. Practical skills and strategies are provided for all members of the community including organisations, parents, carers and youth.


Confronting and optimistic presentations of personal real life stories from individuals that have experienced hardship (such as abuse, injury, addiction, illness, disability, domestic violence and/or mental illness) and how these obstacles affected all areas of their health and lives.  Individuals share their journeys of recovery, obtaining quality of life and success by addressing all areas of the holistic health model including physical, emotional and social aspects of health.

Youth Health Education exists to improve health outcomes for young people aged 14 to 25. Please feel welcome to contact us today!