Youth Health Education (YHE) is dedicated to improving youth, aged 14-25,  health outcomes through a holistic approach looking at the 6 areas of health, physical, emotional, cognitive, social, cultural and spiritual health. YHE tackles youth health issues by confronting those once, uncomfortable topics in a professional, educational and interactive way thereby eradicating community stigma, stereotypes and myths which impact youth health outcomes.

All programs, topics and information have been academically researched and based on statistical information that have been formally trialled and proven.

YHE contributors work with all members of the community including school staff, sporting organisations, health organisations, students, consumers, parents and carers and have experience working with all age groups and ability levels in organisations such as Teacher Training Association (TTA), Worklearner, Australian Football League (AFL), Volleyball Victoria Inc, Mental Illness Fellowship, Arthritis Victoria, secondary schools, local councils and junior football leagues around Melbourne.



  • To increase communication and breakdown barriers between generations, genders, cultures, spiritualties and ability levels.

  • To provide interesting, accurate and motivational knowledge and skills which enable young people and their supporting adult community to communicate openly and honestly about issues that are uncertain and often misrepresented in the media and popular culture.

  • To focus on and build resources around what young people want and need to know as outlined by youth and academic research.

  • To create safe and meaningful communities and environments that aid all members of the community to develop healthy, knowledgeable and optimistic youth.

Youth Health Education exists to improve health outcomes for young people aged 14 to 25. Please feel welcome to contact us today!