According to Scientific American Mind (Sept/Oct 2015) The Brain Has A Funny Bone


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Subject: The Famous Funnies Funny Bone

Hi Everyone

Humour tickles the brain and laughter scratches it.
But how does this happen?

According to Scientific American Mind (Sept/Oct 2015) the brain has a funny
bone. Areas at the front of the brain seem important for “getting” a joke, 
while deeper brain areas appear to be involved in producing the physical
reaction of laughter.

The proof of this is that tickling for most people elicits laughter (google
“rat’s laughing”….. the link… ), 
but not necessarily mirth.

All of this can lead to the activation of the brain’s reward centres, 
releasing the feel-good chemical dopamine. Laughter can also lower stress
hormones and can lead to the release of endorphins, which can increase pain

May our Funnies tickle your brain’s funny bone.



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